Varroa Treatment
Varroa Treatment
Varroa Treatment

Varroa Treatment

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   Eradicates varroa mites within 24 hours.

   Suitable for organic beekeeping. Our treatment is safe for your bees.

   Simple application directly on both sides of the frame using a sprayer.

   Can be applied year-round, in all temperature and weather conditions.

   Budget friendly : 1 liter can treat 20 hives.

   Durable : the treatment provides protection against varroa mites for one year.

Usage Protocol :

•   Shake the treatment solution and make sure there’s no sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

•   Put on your beekeeper’s suit and open the hive.

•   Lift the frames one by one and spray the bees with the solution on both sides. The treatment will be more effective if there is an even distribution of the treatment solution. 

•   Don’t worry about the bees outside of the hive when you apply the treatment. They will also be treated thanks to the fact that the solution attracts bees and spreads between them through rubbing.

•   After 24 hours, you can open the hive to see the impact of the treatment. The treatment will protect your hives from varroa mites for an entire year. After a year has passed, we recommend that you reapply the treatment solution as a preventive measure, even if your hive is not impacted by varroa mites.

•   You can store the treatment for period of five years.